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Dr. Madhu Thumu

Dr. Madhu Thumu is one of the most patient orthopaedic surgeons practicing for the last 12 years, and has gained a lot of good-will from every single patient he has treated. Along with his exceptional skills in joint replacement surgeries, he is also good at personal counseling, which has helped many people grow out of their worries.

  • Prevent Joint Pain

    “Calcium makes your bones stronger than steel.” Many dairy companies use this statement to emphasise that their milk contains more calcium than their competitors. The fact is, our bones ARE made of calcium a

  • Different Stages Of Getting Knee Pain

    Different Stages Of Getting Knee Pain :

    Did you know that arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the world? Did you know that your knees are the first joints which are affected by a

  • Recovering From Knee Replacement? Do It Right!

    When I talk to patients regarding total knee replacement, one of their main concerns is "how will I recover from such a major surgery". They worry more about what will happen after surgery



A joint replacement surgery is a surgical treatment that involves elimination and replacement of the worn out or infected part of the bone, with an artificial joint that is designed to function like the natural joint. The need for a joint replacement surgery or a joint arthroplasty usually arises only when non surgical treatments such and medicines and physical therapy fail to provide pain relief.

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